Chongqing’s Arise Technology Co., Ltd., situated at the crossroads of Liangjiang and the picturesque mountain city of Chongqing, stands as a national high-tech enterprise seamlessly integrating optical, electromechanical, electronic, and internet technologies. Specializing in the development and production of web guide systems, tension control systems, width/thickness measurement systems, and web inspection systems, Arise boasts a top-tier design R&D team tirelessly striving to establish it as a world-renowned brand.

With four national invention patents, eight practical new patents, ten appearance patents, and two software copyrights, our company’s products hold prestigious international certifications such as EU CE, EMC, and ESD tests. The current R&D staff comprises seasoned scientific researchers with over a decade of industry experience, possessing a broad spectrum of innovation capabilities. Additionally, we have achieved ISO9001 quality management system certification and the integration of two management systems, earning the title of Specialized New and Little Giants.

Arise’s products, renowned for leading technology, diverse categories, swift delivery, and exceptional cost performance, find applications across industries including film, paper, rubber, labels, textiles, corrugated paper, steel, new energy, medicine, visual terminals, and more. With annual sales exceeding 100,000 sets, our products reach over 150 countries and regions worldwide.

Arise adheres to the values of innovation, integrity, gratitude, and professionalism, upholding the mission of “continuous innovation in web control technology to facilitate China’s intelligent globalization,” Our business purpose revolves around focusing on web control and striving to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for customers, teams, and enterprises. Through our unwavering pursuit of excellence, we are dedicated to positioning ARISE as the premier brand in the global web control industry.

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