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About Arise

Chongqing’s ARISE Technology Co., Ltd., situated at the crossroads of Liangjiang and the picturesque mountain city of Chongqing, stands as a national high-tech enterprise seamlessly integrating optical, electromechanical, electronic, and internet technologies. Specializing in the development and production of web guide systems, tension control systems, width/thickness measurement systems, and web inspection systems, ARISE boasts a top-tier design R&D team tirelessly striving to establish it as a world-renowned brand.

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Arise Web Guide System Introduction

The web guiding system effectively manages the positional deviation of coil materials during conveyance in the production line. Offering automatic detection, tracking, and adjustment functionalities, this machine ensures precise alignment of marking lines, paper edges, film, adhesive tape, aluminum foil, and other materials, thus promoting orderly winding and slitting processes.

The Arise web guide system excels in aligning multi-layer materials, with its edge guiding system adept at tracking working material edges or printing lines with high accuracy, differential, and swing capabilities. Notably, it boasts strong anti-interference features suitable for demanding work environments, alongside high reliability and an extended service life.

Application Of Arise Web Guiding System

Widely used in many industries

Printing industry

Solvent-free laminating machine, bag making machine, inspection machine, labeling machine, etc.

Battery industry

Lithium voltage film machine, lithium battery slitting machine, lithium battery replacement machine, battery lamination machine, etc.

Film industry

Film blowing machine, replacement machine, film slitting machine, film casting machine, etc.

Tire industry

Fiber steel wire calender, tire building machine, steel cord cutting machine, production line, etc.

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