Web Video Inspection System For Printing Quality

  • —Full touch screen operation, more simple
  • —LED flash, maintenance-free
  • —HDMI transmission, higher picture quality
  • —Centralized control, saving space
  • —Dedicated electric module, long life
  • —Can be equipped with large-size HD display
  • —Display ratio 16:9 and 4:3 freely switch —Real-time comparison of left and right split screens

Models: OR-A, OR-B, OR-C

Visual range: 60mmX45mm, 100mmX75mm, 200mmX150mm

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What Is Web Video Inspection System

When the printing press operates at high speeds, it surpasses the capability of the human eye to assess the printed image’s quality. Therefore, a printing quality inspection system becomes imperative to scrutinize static images. The web video inspection system for printing employs innovative technologies and methodologies to transform rapidly moving images into “still” images that are perceptible to the human eye. These images can be magnified partially to detect minor print defects promptly, thereby enhancing the quality of printed products. Furthermore, it allows for the separate observation of images in real-time, facilitating comprehensive quality assessment.

Cameras of Web Video Inspection System

5 million high-resolution CMOS camera Shooting range:
Minimum: 13mmX9.7mm
Maximum: 200mmX150mm
Maximum printing speed: 1200m/min
Power supply voltage: DC24V/2.0A
Rail length: 300mm-3000mm (customizable)
Standard 24-inch high-definition display Resolution: 1280X720 1920X1080

Working & Installation Videos of Web Video Inspection System

O+K web monitoring system model C on Rotogravure printing machine for checking full image
OK Web monitoring system installation
new model of web video system introduction
OK Web monitoring system installation

Narrow-width Web Video Inspection System

System features (full range):

  • 100% full-frame observation: covering the boot settings and the entire product!on process
  • D picture quality: based on high-resolution camera
  • —Image stabilization: With the help of real-time images, the images are automatically synchronized, and are not affected by the deceleration of automatic detection with transpare nt labels
  • Does not harm the health of operators and reduces fatigue: the use of LED light sources in stead of strobe lights, the light is softer and more uniform
  • Quick and easy task setting

System Configuration:

  • —OK4000 line scan camera for printing inspection
  • —The industrial computer uses a 64-bit eight-core processor, which is faster
  • —Using high-definition non-distortion lens
  • —Adopt integrated light source design, easy to install
  • —Imported high-speed dual-channel acquisition card

Wide-width Web Video Inspection System

Visual Inspection Machine for the Printing and Paper Industry

1. Introducing a 100% printing flaw inspection system, from full-frame observation to lack of standard detection and waste discharge detection, to high-precision full-frame detection and workflow system.

2. With the help of modular design, customers can realize all their requirements on a set of systems through optional modules.

3. The printing quality inspection machine employs a unique contour light source to enhance the contrast between the transparent label and the backing paper. Regardless of whether the backing paper is transparent, non-transparent, or even white, the web vision inspection system can carry out the detection seamlessly. It enables the detection of nearly all transparent labels for deficiencies in standards and contamination. The system holds a distinct advantage when it comes to blank labels.

4. The web inspection camara system can switch freely between ordinary light sources and contour light sources.

Image acquisition speed: 30 frames per second, real-time detection of full frame.

Maximum inspection speed: 150m/min-500m/min (choose according to the system model)

Maximum inspection width: 180mm-1100mm (choose according to the system model)

System Features:

  • —100% printing full-frame inspection
  • —Sensitivity zone adjustment
  • ― Detect defects such as cutting lines, vertical and horizontal deviations, stains, color blocks, etc.
  • —Simple operation, no false alarm
  • —Product data storage, one-key boot
  • —Cmn output 24V defect signal to drive warning light or marking system
  • —Optional positioning module to automatically control the rewinder

System Configuration:

  • —K8000 line scan camera for printing inspection
  • —The industrial computer uses a 64-bit eight-core processor, which is faster
  • —Using high-definition non-distort! on lens
  • —compatible with various light sources according to different materials
  • —Imported high-speed dual-channel acquisition card
  • —multiple cameras can be detected at the same time

Application Videos of Web Video Inspection System

O+K web monitoring system model B on Flexo printing machine 2 for checking CYMK
O+K web video inspection model B on Mark Andy

Defect alarm and Treatment of Web Video Inspection System

Sound and light classification alarm:

0+K printing quality inspection machine can provide defect classification sound and light alarm + d( offline removal. In this scheme, there are two different alarm methods for serious c

Continuous defect alarm

For continuous serious defects such as knife streak, poor registration, ink fly, etc., specific sound and light alarms to remind the operator to deal with it in time, and make corresponding treatments according to the display on the computer screen to stop continuous defects in time.

Serious defect alarm

For defects such as mosquitoes and hair that affect food hygiene requirements, although there are not many defects, they are serious quality defects and will cause fines or even loss of orders. Although the alarm does not need to be shut down, additional records or identification are required (to prevent negligence during screening). Subsequent rewinding and rejecting waste will be screened and the focus will be eliminated.

Support labeling method

Labeling can be performed according to defect type and defect information (size/ar

Statistical report function:

After inspecting the defect information, classify defect types and in formation, the class location of each type of defect, and can print out or view specific defect information contrast, location, and defect pictures, etc.) offline.

Common defects

Basic Features

  • Dedicated color measurement function;
  • Special detection function for small text;
  • Simple operation and stable operation;
  • Accurate inspection, few false positives;
  • Defect report viewing and printing function;
  • Clear pictures, complete still picture functions;
  • Different inspection accuracy can be set by area;
  • One-dimensional code, two-dimensional code detection function module;
  • Classification alarm for large and small defects, and automatic labeling for serious defects;
  • Representative needs and in dividual needs of major customers can be customized and developed.
  • Special algorithm for flat screen area, which has better detection effect on thin knife thread and low contrast defect;