In-line Thickness Measurement System

  • In-line material thickness inspection
  • Upper and lower limit alarm
  • Historical data viewing and analysis
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Why Choose Arise The O+K Thickness Measurement System

The O+K thickness measurement system circuitly detects the thickness of each measuring point through the electric guide rail with a thickness measuring sensor, generates a curve, can set an upper and lower limit alarm, and realizes the roll clearance, shaft crossing, and bending degree control of the roll through the data exchange with the calendering host. Internal data management and analysis system provides historical data viewing and analysis, which is convenient for production quality control.

X-ray XCH-6000 Performance Parameters

Scanning speed0-25m/min
Scanning positioning accuracy0.1μm
Upper and lower sensor synchronisation accuracy0.1μm
Measurement unitg/m² 、mg/m² 、 μm 、mm
Ambient temperature0-60℃
Ambient humidity≤95%(no-condensing)
Overall machine power2000W
Space gap18mm
Measuring width0-10M
Repeated measurement accuracy0.1-0.15μm