Web Video Inspection System For Printing Quality

  • —Full touch screen operation, more simple
  • —LED flash, maintenance-free
  • —HDMI transmission, higher picture quality
  • —Centralized control, saving space
  • —Dedicated electric module, long life
  • —Can be equipped with large-size HD display
  • —Display ratio 16:9 and 4:3 freely switch —Real-time comparison of left and right split screens

Models: OR-A, OR-B, OR-C, OR-D, OK4000

Visual range: 60mmX45mm, 100mmX75mm, 200mmX150mm

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What Is Web Video Inspection System

When the printing press operates at high speeds, it surpasses the capability of the human eye to assess the printed image’s quality. Therefore, a printing quality inspection system becomes imperative to scrutinize static images. The web video inspection system for printing employs innovative technologies and methodologies to transform rapidly moving images into “still” images that are perceptible to the human eye. These images can be magnified partially to detect minor print defects promptly, thereby enhancing the quality of printed products. Furthermore, it allows for the separate observation of images in real-time, facilitating comprehensive quality assessment.

OR-A, B, C Type Web Video Inspection System

The OR-A, B, C is a high-definition web inspection system equipped with a 5 mega/10 mega area scan camera for image capture. It boasts the capability to magnify images up to 25 times through post-processing while maintaining clarity. With shooting ranges of 55mm, 100mm, and 200mm, it caters to various monitoring needs. The machine operates at a maximum linear speed of 1200m/min, and it features automatic cruise functionality. It finds applications in printing, labeling, and other industries.

Camera 5 mega pixels High Resolution CMOS Camera
Shooting range OR-A 60mmx45mm
OR-B 100mmx75mm
OR-C 200mmx150mm
Maximum speed 1200m/min
Supply Voltage AC220V
Guide rail length 300mm-3000mm(Customizable)
Display resolution 24-inch HD display
Operating Temperature Range 0-50℃

web inspection system

OR-D Type Web Video Inspection System

OR-D introduces a high-definition full-frame web inspection system, designed to offer an expansive field of view for comprehensive imaging. This system accommodates long printing plate circumferences, ensuring the capture of the entire page circumference. Employing an 8k line array camera for image formation, OR-D guarantees high-resolution visuals. Through post-processing, images can be magnified up to 25 times while maintaining clarity. Its shooting range spans from 100mm to 2000mm, catering to a wide range of monitoring needs. With a maximum linear speed of 1200M/min, it ensures swift and efficient operation. Powered by a DC24V power supply voltage, OR-D finds applications in printing, labeling, and various other industries.

OR-D Web Inspection System

Sensor type CMOS
Pixel dimension 7um
Resolution 8192×3/8192×6
Maximum horizontal scanning frequency 8192x337Khz  10Bit
8192x320Khz  10Bit
Dynamic range 65dB
Black  &White/Colour Colour
Mirror image
Horizontal scanning frequency control Support horizontal mirroring maxi- mum  free mode,internal  software configuration  cycle, encoder, ex-
ternal pulse frequency
Weight 456g

Working & Installation Videos of Web Video Inspection System

O+K web monitoring system model C on Rotogravure printing machine for checking full image
OK Web monitoring system installation
new model of web video system introduction
OK Web monitoring system installation

100% Inspection Web Video Inspection System

The O+K visual web inspection system revolutionizes printing quality control with its seamless transition from full-width observation to full-width detection. By harnessing the latest image detection algorithms and special light sources, this system achieves a remarkable 100% full inspection rate. It excels in identifying a wide range of defects, including scratches, stains, depressions, bumps, and damage on rubber surfaces with unparalleled accuracy. With the printing inspection machine, manufacturers can ensure that every product meets the highest quality standards, minimizing defects and maximizing customer satisfaction.

omponents of printing inspection machine
printing quality inspection machine

System features (full range):

  • 100 %full-width observation: covering the boot settings and the entire product!on process
  • ― Based on a high-resolution camera, the picture quality is high-definition
  • —With the help of real-time images, the images are automatically synchronized, and are not affected by the deceleration of automatic detection with transpare nt labels
  • Does not harm the health of operators and reduces fatigue: the use of LED light sources in stead of strobe lights, the light is softer and more uniform.
  • Quick and easy task setting
  • The operation is reliable,stable and cost-effective.
printing quality inspection machine

System Configuration:

  • —OK4000 line scan camera for printing inspection
  • —The industrial computer uses a 64-bit eight-core processor, which is faster
  • —Using high-definition non-distortion lens
  • —Adopt integrated light source design, easy to install
  • —Imported high-speed dual-channel acquisition card
  • -Multiple cameras can be detected at the same time
defect inspection machine
Nominal lateral resolution0.15mm
Nominal longitudinal resolution0.15mm
Designed detection width10mm-600mm
Designed maximum speed450/min
Point defect detection accuracyDefect area>0.2mm
Blade wire detection accuracyDefect area>0.1mm*5mm
Overprint detection accuracyTransverse>0.15mm longitudinal>0.25mm

Application Videos of Web Video Inspection System

O+K web monitoring system model B on Flexo printing machine 2 for checking CYMK
O+K web video inspection model B on Mark Andy