T500/T1000 Web Tension Controller

  • Simple operation
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Single/dual input
  • Manual and automatic switching
  • Stable operation
  • Strong anti-interference
  • Simple Installation
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Why Choose Web Tension Controller

During the uncoiling, processing, and winding of coil materials, it’s crucial to maintain tension to prevent stretching, wrinkling, breakage, or irregularities. Implementing web tension control enhances consistency, thereby reducing rewind defects. With a web tension controller, coil material tension can be effectively managed, enabling higher-speed operation of production machinery while minimizing waste and significantly improving efficiency.

Web tension control is primarily utilized during unwinding, intermediate processing, and rewinding stages. Proper tension control is essential during both unwinding and rewinding to ensure coil materials are maintained at the required tension levels throughout each process, thereby facilitating smooth and accurate production operations.

Application Videos Of Web Tension Controller

T1000 Auto tension control system for lamination machine 3
Arise Web guiding + tension control all in one device
T1000 Auto tension control system on foil
T5000 Auto tension control system for non-woven,Cantilever LS600 load cell

Basics of T500 Web Tension Controller

T500 is an automatic tension controller utilizing 16-bit high-precision AD sampling, featuring a rapid sampling time of 1us. Its sensor signal boasts high precision and swift speed. This controller can operate magnetic powder brakes and can interface with a single/double load cell, or function autonomously without a sensor. It finds wide application in industries such as papermaking, printing, packaging, and textile printing. The careful selection of a high-performance tension controller is pivotal in enhancing product quality, given that the accuracy of tension control significantly influences processing quality.

Dimensional Parameters of T500 Web Tension Controller

Operating voltage 24V±1%
Current consumption (excluding electric brakes) 6.5A
Input signal sine wave
Analog input end 0-10V
Voltage value 0-10V
Simulated output DC 0-10V
Strain gauge power supply 5V
Digital input 6 input channels
2 programmable channels
Zero tension input Relay normally open
Output voltage 24V,maximum0.5A
Interface Modbus RTU485
Rated operating temperature +5℃-55℃
Relative air humidity 15-95%((no-condensing)
Protection grade IP54(with housing)
Dimensions (L*W*H) 130X114X 68

specifications of T500 web tension controller
display interface of web tension controller

Basics of T1000 Web Tension Controller

T1000 is a fully touch screen tension controller employing a 32-bit high-precision AD sampling method with a rapid sampling time of 1us. It excels in signal accuracy and speed, capable of driving various components such as magnetic powder brakes, motors, and pneumatic brakes. The controller offers compatibility with single/double tension sensors, pendulum arm potentiometers, and more. Moreover, it can autonomously perform internal arithmetic even in the absence of a sensor.

Dimensional Parameters of T1000 Web Tension Controller

Operating voltage 24V±1%
Current consumption  0.2A
Sensor 2  channels
Bridge  supply  voltage 5V
Measuring  cycle  time 1ms
Analog  output 2 outputs-10~+10V
1 outputs0-10V
Digital  input 6×passive
Digital  output 1×passive, short-circuit, short-circuit protected
Output voltage 24V,maximum500mA
Rated operating temperature +5℃-55℃
Relative air humidity 15-95%((no-condensing)
Protection grade IP54
Dimensions (L*W*H) 113X67X 130mm

specifications of T1000 web tension controller

Advantages Of Web Tension Controller

1. The tension calibration process is straightforward, delivering precise tension measurement alongside high stability and reliability.

2. It accepts input signals from single or dual sensors, accommodating a wide range of tension sensors.

3. Utilizes PID control to maintain operations without tension overshoot.

4. Features a metal shell with robust anti-interference capabilities, ensuring spark-free operation.

5. Automatic tension control requires just a few key presses, making it the simplest controller to operate.