LS300 Through-axis Tension Sensor

  • Adopting imported full-bridge strain gauges
  • High precision
  • Integrated temperature compensation
  • Minimal temperature drift
  • Exceptional linearity
  • Overload limit
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Advantages of LS300 Through-axis Tension Sensor

The LS300 series through-axis tension sensor utilizes imported full-bridge strain gauges, renowned for their high precision and integrated temperature compensation, for detection. Employing advanced signal processing and temperature compensation techniques, it exhibits outstanding precision, minimal temperature drift, and exceptional linearity. Additionally, the web tension sensor is adept at shielding against static electricity and group pulse interference generated by frequency converters. Equipped with an overload limit feature, it ensures protection against damage during overload conditions. Available in a range of measuring capacities, including 30KG, 50KG, 100KG, 200KG, and more.

Dimensional Parameters of LS300 Through-axis Tension Sensor

Precision grade 0.5
Rated characteristic value (sensitivity) 2 mV/V
Combined error ±0.5%
Specific value tolerances <±0.2%
Measuring principle Strain full bridge
Nominal resistance of strain gauge bridge 350 Ohm
Bridge power supply voltage Rated value 5V
Mechanical stop 1.2xFN
Workload 1.2xFN
Ultimate load 10xFN
Target measurement stroke 0.2~0.3mm(Depends on type)
Operating temperature range +5~+55℃
Protection grade IP54
Weight 0.7kg

Specifications of LS300 Through-axis Tension Sensor