LS600 Cantilever Tension Sensor

  • Adopting imported full bridge strain gauges
  • High precision detection
  • Advanced signal processing
  • Temperature compensation techniques
  • Excellent linearity
  • Can be configured with various roller lengths
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Advantages of LS600 Cantilever Tension Sensor

The LS600 series cantilever tension sensor integrates imported full-bridge strain gauges, boasting high precision and temperature compensation, for detection. By employing advanced signal processing and temperature compensation techniques, it ensures remarkable precision, minimal temperature drift, and excellent linearity. Moreover, the sensor effectively shields against static electricity and group pulse interference originating from frequency converters. With its overload limit feature, it safeguards the sensor from damage during overload situations. Additionally, the tension sensors can be configured with various roller lengths such as 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, etc. Customization for special models is available upon request.

Dimensional Parameters of LS600 Cantilever Tension Sensor

Tension Measuring Roller
Type ØD(mm) Minimum
NB (mm)
Rated measuring force FN/per roller
LS600 60 150 300 50 100 200
LS600 80 200 400 100 200 400
LS600 100 250 500 100 200 400

Surface of LS600 Roller

Surface index Surface
01 Polishing Ra 3.2 (standard)
02 Encased in rubber cork
03 Fine sandblasted with glass emery, Ra 6.3,
hard anodized layer, thickness 30 μm 450
04 Hard anodic oxide layer, Ra3.2, thickness
30um 450HV

The dimensions of the 300mm roll length are as follows:

specifications of LS600 Cantilever Tension Sensor

Sensors can be fitted with different lengths and can be customized if special models are required.