SE-150S/150/300/300S/75S Servo Web Guide Actuator

  • 1. SE-150S/150/300/300S/75S servo web guide actuator adopts Japan’s Sanyo electric motor as the actuator, without carbon brush
  • 2. Fully reliable and long service life, truly realize long-term maintenance-free during use
  • 3. It has the characteristics of energy-saving and environmental-friendly,
  • 4. Adopting Taiwan precision ball screw with the smallest gap
  • 5. Clearance and durability, so that the actuator has no backlash error.
  • 6. Choosing from75-300mm stroke, 0.5T-10T thrust weight
  • 7. Installation method has direct connection type and L type
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Power supply voltage: DC 24V
Maximum speed: 30mm/s
Maximum stroke: 150mm
Maximum thrust: 200KG.F
Back-off error: less than 0.001mm
Push load: 2000KG

An active web guiding system is composed of a sensor, an actuator, and a controller. The SE-150S/150/300/75S Servo web guide actuators are used for the fast response to the changes in the web edge position. The output of the sensor goes to a controller which outputs a movement command to the actuator. The actuator which moves the guide mechanism may be a stepper motor and ballscrew for smaller assemblies

SE-150S Actuator

SE-150 Actuator

SE-300 Actuator

SE-75S Actuator