SE-150Z Web Guide Actuator

  • Adopting imported stepping motor, without carbon brush
  • Fully reliable and long service life, truly realize long-term maintenance-free during use
  • Equipped with different strokes
  • Installation  methods  and  response speeds accord ing to different needs
  • Left and right limit switches, which can be adjusted externally
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Dimensional Parameters of Web Guide Actuator

Model number A B C Maximum stroke
SE-50Z 179.4mm 465.8mm 41mm ±25mm
SE-75Z 203.4mm 503.3mm 54.5mm ±37mm
SE-100Z 226.4mm 539.8mm 68mm ±48mm
SE-150Z 276.4mm 614.8mm 93mm ±71mm
SE-200Z 326.4mm 688.8mm 117mm 94mm
SE-300Z 426.4mm 838.8mm 167mm ±141mm

specifications of SE-150Z web guide actuator
Model number Stroke(mm) Rated trust (N) Weight(kg)
SE-50Z 50 2000 4.41
SE-75Z 75 2000 4.57
SE-100Z 100 2000 4.75
SE-150Z 150 2000 5.16
SE-200Z 200 2000 5.56
SE-300Z 300 2000 6.41
drawings of SE-150Z web guide actuator

Technical Data of Web Guide Actuator

Rated adjusting speed 0-30mm/s(2000)
Precision <±0.1mm(Depends on material)
Error frequency Maximum 4Hz
Operating voltage Rated value 24VDC
Rated range 20-30VDC
Rated current 4.5A
Ambient temperature 0~+55℃
Protection grade IP54