N180 Web Guide Controller

  • High-frequency CPU with high speed
  • High precision correction ability
  • Shortest reactive time
  • ADC with more digits bring better precision
  • Variable of integration PI can detect the changing of error with quick correction
  • No servo motor with long service life and high efficiency
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N180 controller adopts an advanced 32 digital CPU with FPGA+ARM drive motor and it features high precision, reliable performance, convenient installation and simple operation. It is the core part of the web guiding system.

N180 is a cost-effective web guiding controller, specially used to track the edge of materials. It is suitable for automatic control of material re-winding, unwinding, intermediate guidance, etc.N180 detects signals through ultrasonic or photoelectric sensors, calculates the deviation of the material, and according to the result, the stepper motor is driven to correct the offset material.

N180 Web Guide Controller Display

Dimensional Parameters  of N180 Web Guide Controller

Operating voltage Rated value 24V  DC
Rates range ±1%
Electricity  consumption 3-4A
Ambient temperature 0-40℃((non-condensing)
Dimension Housing  142x112x68mm
Hole size 122x105mm
Electric eye interface Edge electric eye 2xM6 electric eye
Linear electric eye  1xM6 electric eye
Actuator  interface Data exchange φ16
Protection  grade IP54
Weight 0.64kg

specificarions of N180 web guide controller

Application Videos Of N180 Web Guide Controller

N180 web guide system on slitting machine
N180 on rewinding machine
N180 web guide system on 6 color Flexo printing
N180 on rewinding machine

Test of N180 Web Guide Controller

Test of N180 Contoller

Packaging Of N180 Web Guide Controller

Package of N180 Controller