A100 Infrared Edge Sensor For Reading Web Edge

  • 1. Adopting high-speed DSP chip, full digital processing, truly no drift, strong anti-interference ability
  • 2. Adopting imported infrared-sensitive components with 0.01mm resolution
  • 3. Fully sealed titanium alloy shell design with special surface treatment, to prevent dust and pollution, anti-corrosion
  • 4. It can detect any material (including mesh material) without adjustment
  • 5. DC12V single power supply, 0-5V analog output, two switch output
  • 6. Easy setup
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Arise A100 infrared edge sensors are specifically designed to read the edge of webs which has the features of sound-transparent, thick weaves and non-transparent. The web guide sensor uses an infrared LED as the light source. The light is reflected through the material and is then recorded by a CCD line. The CCD elements illuminated in this way in the edge sensor issue a higher signal level.  The signal level can be converted into an output value proportional to the web edge position. 

Professional web guiding manufacturer – Arise

Arise is an audited, leading web guiding system manufacturer in China with a professional R & D team. Using the high precision web guiding equipment supplied by Arise can ensure continuous and accurate edge position control of coil materials. Arise can provide W500 all-in-one web guiding machine, N180, N200, S600 controller, A200 ultrasonic sensor, A100 infrared sensor, etc, with advanced technology, the comprehensive service and the most competitive price.