A200 Ultrasonic Edge Web Guide Sensor

  • Adopting high-speed DSP chip, full digital processing, truly no drift, strong anti-interference ability
  • Adopting Japanese Fuji high-precision ultrasonic sensitive components with 0.01mm resolution
  • Fully sealed titanium alloy shell design with special surface treatment, to prevent dust and pollution, anti-corrosion
  • The ambient noise of the workshop has no effect on ARISE’s unique ultrasonic technology
  • It can detect any material (including mesh material) without adjustment
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Why Choosing A200 Ultrasonic Edge Web Guide Sensor

The A200 ultrasonic sensor is a kind of web edge guide sensor adopting Fuji high-frequency ultrasonic probes to detect edges efficiently. It’s versatile, capable of detecting edges on paper, printing materials, films, transparent materials, and ultra-transparent materials. This sensor is adaptable to various environments such as unwinding, rewinding, oven exits, and more. However, it’s not suitable for breathable materials like non-woven fabrics. Notably, it maintains normal functionality even in environments with up to 30,000 volts of static electricity interference and alongside high-power frequency converters.

Dimensional Parameters of A200 Ultrasonic Edge Web Guide Sensor

Operating voltage 12V DC
Electricity consumption 500mA
Ambient temperature +5~+50
Relative air humidity 15-95%(non-condensing) 
Detection range ±3mm
Ultrasonic frequency 200kHz
Resolution 0.02mm
Cable length Maximum 10m
Protection grade IP54
Mounting  Height Altitude 03000m
Weight 0.7kg
Width between 40/100/150/200mm
Dimensions(L*W*H) 89x25x78.5mm

specifications of A200 Ultrasonic Edge Web Guide Sensor