AE400 CCD Image Sensor

  • Adopting a powerful 64-bit dual-core CPU
  • Equipped with a Panasonic CCD sensor and lens
  • Sampling time within just 0.1 microseconds
  • Full-touch operation
  • The line (edge) position is displayed by LED.
  • Real-time display
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Advantages of AE400 CCD Image Sensor

The A400 stands out as a CCD image sensor featuring a Panasonic CCD sensor and lens, bolstered by a robust 64-bit dual-core CPU. Impressively, it boasts a sampling time of just 0.1 microseconds and integrates ambient light adaptation for optimized performance. Expertly designed, this sensor excels at tracking lines and rubber edges and facilitating center correction through color contrast analysis. Its real-time image display and intuitive full-touch operation render it exceptionally user-friendly.

Dimensional Parameters of AE400 CCD Image Sensor

Precision grade 0.1V
Rated characteristic value(sensitivity) 2mV/V
Combined error ±0.5%
Specific value tolerances ±0.5%
Detection range ±3mm
Measuring principle Strain full bridge
Nominal resistance of strain gauge bridge  350  ohm
Bridge power supply voltageRated value 5V
Mechanical stop 1.2xFN
Workload 1.2xFN
UItimate load 10xFN
Target measurement stroke 0.2-0.3(Depends on type)
Operating temperature range +5-55
Protection grade IP54
Weight 0.7kg

Specifications of AE400 CCD Image Sensor