AE400 CCD Image Sensor

  • 1. No need for polarity conversion.
  • When the coil baseline and line asymptotically or the left and right edges are reversed, there is no need to switch the polarity of the control output.
  • 2. No need to re-adjust the gain.
  • The deviation of the edge from the output voltage is not affected by the width or color of the line. Therefore, once the gain of the controller is set during the test run, there is no need to re-adjust the gain.
  • 3. Position signal hold function.
  • When a line leaves the field of view and when it returns, the position signal generated immediately before the line leaves the field of view is maintained and output. Therefore, when the web bending speed is fast and the line (edge) will be out of the field of view, the tracking operation will be performed.
  • 4. The line (edge) position is displayed by LED.
  • The control action, even if the integral action is standard, can also be combined with the position transmitter to perform proportional action. The most suitable control action can be selected according to the machine used.
  • 5. When the detected edge is in the center of the field of view, an LED indicator lights up.
  • When the device is connected to a controller with a drive lock input, in the case of intermittent lines, when an interruption is detected in the line, the drive is locked and the tracking operation is stopped until the next line appears.
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AE400 CCD image sensor adopts an imported CCD sensor and the lens. It can track the edges of various materials with a real-time screen display and an easy full-touch operation. It can be used in a web guiding system for edge position control.