TE200/TE300 Tension Amplifier

  • Simple operation
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Convenient to connect to a variety of PLCs
  • Touch-screen display 
  • Simple Installation
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What is A Tension Amplifier

A tension amplifier is a device used in industrial applications to enhance and control tension levels in materials such as paper, textiles, or films during production processes. It works by amplifying the signal from tension sensors or load cells, which measure the tension in the material being processed. The amplified signal is then used to adjust and maintain the desired tension levels, ensuring consistent quality and performance of the finished product. Tension amplifiers are crucial components in industries where precise tension control is essential, such as printing, packaging, and converting. They play a key role in optimizing production efficiency, reducing waste, and improving overall product quality.

The Basics of TE200 Tension Amplifier

TE200 is a high-precision networked tension amplifier. It utilizes 16-bit high-precision AD sampling with a sampling time of 1us. Featuring a user-friendly 2.8-inch color screen display, operation is straightforward. It supports O-10V voltage and 4-20mA current output, along with 485 communication MODBUS RTU data communication and Ethernet MODBUS TCP communication. Its simplicity and convenience extend to connecting with various PLCs, facilitated by standard guide rail installation. Additionally, it offers 4 channels of O-10V analog input for PLC sampling.

Dimensional Parameters of TE200 Tension Amplifier

Accuracy grade 0.1
Output  1 4-20mA
Output 2 0-10V
Rated temperature 0-60℃
485 communication MODBUS RTU
etherneet  communication MODBUS TCP
Working voltage Rated value 24V DC
Rated range 24V±1%
Display 320×240   resolution 
Current  consumption 0.5A
Sensor voltage Rated  value 5V
Protection  grade(With housing) IP  54
specificarions of TE200 tension amplifier

The Basics of TE300 Tension Amplifier

TE300 is a high-precision networked tension amplifier equipped with 16-bit AD sampling, boasting a rapid sampling time of 1us. Its user-friendly touch-screen display ensures easy operation. Supporting O-10V voltage and 4-20mA current output, as well as 485 communication MODBUS RTU data communication and Ethernet MODBUS TCP communication, it offers versatile connectivity options. Connecting to a variety of PLCs is simple and convenient. The TE300 comes with standard DIN-rail mounting and 4-channel 0-10V analogue inputs, which can be utilized for PLC sampling.

Dimensional Parameters of TE300 Tension Amplifier

Accuracy grade 0.1
Operating voltage 24V DC
Current consumption  0.2A
Strain Gauge Amplifier 2  channels
Input  signal Differential sampling signal
Differential  sampling  signal  1ms
Analog  output 0-10V
Intput  voltage 0-10V
Output voltage 24V,maximum 500mA
Rated operating temperature +5-55
Relative air humidity 15-95%((no-condensing)
communication  interface Modbus TCP
Protection grade IP54
Dimensions (L*W*H) 120X104X 40mm

specifications of TE300 tension amplifier