custom web guiding roller frame

Customized Web Guiding Roller Frame

  • Customized in  different  widths  and  lengths
  • Work with a wide range of sensors, such as infrared, ultrasonic, and CCD  detection sensors.
  • Suitable  for  the  winding  and  unwinding  process
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Why Choose to Arise Web Guiding Roller Frame

The web guiding roller frame is designed for the winding and unwinding processes of rubber, paper, and film. It can be tailored to various widths and lengths based on the specific model requirements. Compatible with a wide range of detection sensors, including infrared sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and CCD sensors, it offers versatility in detecting different materials. Additionally, users have the option to select full-width sensors to accommodate various material types.

Technical Data of Web Guiding Roller Frame

Guide roller length(mm) 200/300/400/500 /600
Stroke(mm) ±20  
Maximum speed(mm/sec)  40
Maximum tension(N) 300
Roller diameter(mm) 60
Roller length F(mm) 100-1000  
Straddle L(mm) 237-400