How Much Do You Know About Web Guiding System

The web guiding system reduces the possibility of cross-pulling, wrinkling, film rupture, corrugation, and other issues, allowing for high-speed and high-efficiency thin-film production while integrating domestic and international web guide control systems.

Working Principle Of Web Guiding System

The working principle can be reduced to a closed loop control loop: the starting point for automatic correction is to pull the current position of the inlet film by one or more sensors. Scan the film’s current position and send it to the controller. The measured actual position is compared to the set position by the controller. If there is a difference, the controller will send a guiding signal to the driver. In this cycle, the web guiding system always drives the track to reciprocate, preventing material removal and offset from occurring.

working principle of web guiding system

Operating Mode Of Web Guiding System

The web guiding mode selected is determined by the customer’s process requirements. The following are the primary guiding modes.

1. Edge guiding: Use a sensor to guide the deviation based on the film’s left or right edge.

2. Center guiding: Two sensors are used to align the offset according to the center line of the material, and can be divided into fixed centering guiding and moving centering correction.

3. Line guiding: Use a sensor to correct the deviation based on a continuous or discontinuous line contrast.

web guiding system

Control Method Of Web Guiding System

The EPC web guiding system has two control modes: automatic control and manual control, which are usually both. During production, the EPC guiding control of all film production lines switches to automatic control mode. The manual control mode is primarily used to test the system’s operation status in order to detect problems in real-time.

Wide Applications Of Web Guiding System

Applications of W500 web guide system

Application On Calendering Line

The curtain calendar is an important piece of equipment in the tire’s pre-production process. During the calendering process, parameters such as the position and width of the material are extremely important. It is required in key positions such as curtain lining opening, cooling, storage, compounding, and curtain lining.

Application On Small-angle Cutting Machine

The Arise web guiding is primarily used in the small angle cutting machine for material opening and winding. However, depending on the process requirements, the curtain may need to be cut into the same or different widths, so a set must be added before the cutting knife. The centering guide system keeps the material in the center at all times. The PRE CCD type correction system is commonly used here, and the precision can be controlled to within 1 mm.

Application On 90-degree Cutting Machine

Materials must be corrected for material opening, winding, and splicing in the 90-degree cutting machine. The precision of the two materials in the splicing is very high. In general, the PRE employs a master-slave correction system. Using a piece of material as the active material, only the position is not corrected, and the moving material’s position is referenced by the active material, and the following correction is performed, with a correction accuracy of 0.2 mm.

Application On The Molding Machine

Because of the high demands on the composite dimensional accuracy and centering accuracy of the sidewall and inner liner components, a set of centering guides should be installed before the sidewall and inner liner are combined. Infrared centering guiding is commonly used here to ensure the composite size and precision of the two rubber parts. Simultaneously, before the above composite parts are attached to the forming drum, a digital sensor guide system is added to the feeding conveyor to ensure the composite parts’ centering accuracy when they are attached to the forming drum.

Application On Slitting Machine

The slitting and creasing machine is an important part of the corrugated board production line that can significantly reduce cardboard waste. The Arise slitting machine guide system employs a high-precision, wide-width CCD detection probe with a large thrust electric drive, precisely aligning the edge of the paper or printed line, correcting the centering or opposite sides, ensuring accurate and stable cutting, and reducing corrugated paper. The quantity of waste edges.


Arise offers high-precision web guiding system to help industry customers to achieve stable high-speed processes in various machines which widely used in different industries.