How Much Knowledge Do You Learn About The Magnetic Powder Brake

The magnetic powder brake is magnetic, ensuring the working operation stability. It has always been used to adjust the stop and loading of the drive speed stop in industrial applications and can control torque tension without other equipment. It is a large power magnetic powder brake that will not cause equipment wear loss.

What Is The Magnetic Powder Brake

The magnetic powder brake, also known as magnetic particle brake, is based on the electromagnetic principle, transmitting torque by magnetic particle, which means that the brake operation can be managed and adjusted, to achieve excellent power transmission, no friction and no wear. It has the advantages of fast response speed, simple structure, no pollution, no noise, no impact vibration, energy-saving, etc. It has been widely used in papermaking, printing, plastic, rubber, textile, metallurgy, and other unwinding and winding tension control in coil industries.

magnetic powder brake

Working Characteristics Of The Magnetic Powder Brake

The torque is increased. Even if the drive end and the driven end are not fully connected, the torque will rise to the set torque set by the current setting, and then accelerate at a certain torque. This function will greatly match the thermal capacity of the clutch, suitable for buffering start. If the starting current is controlled, the starting torque will also change rapidly. At the same time, due to use of the magnetic powder with advantages of heat-resistant and wear-resistant, the permissible connection power is large, and continuous slip can be used in the allowable continuous slip power range.

Winding And Unwinding Principle Of The Magnetic Powder Brake


The tension of the unwinding is controlled by the brake torque of the magnetic powder brake. As the continuous reduction of the winding diameter, the braking torque must be continuously reduced. The torque of the magnetic powder brake is automatically controlled by the tension controller so that the tension is constant.


The final winding speed is normally higher than the line speed of the material, so the magnetic powder clutch working in a slip state, the tension is controlled by the torque of the powder clutch. In order to keep the tension, The torque of the powder clutch brake must be increased or decreased according to the size of the web.

magnetic particle brake

How To Lengthen The Service Life Of The Magnetic Powder Brake

In order to ensure the working quality of the magnetic powder brake, the high-quality magnetic powder must be adopted, which has the advantages of highly magnetic, high magnetic inductance strength, large transmission torque, etc.

The magnetic powder brake should not be operated in a humid environment, so as not to damage the magnetic powder. Relevant maintenance is required to ensure long service life.

The installation environment of the magnetic powder brak should be selected in a dry, ventilated environment, avoiding moisture and dust.

When the magnetic powder clutch and magnetic powder brake are applied to continuous sliding in the winding and unwinding process, the life of the magnetic powder will vary depending on the condition of the use and relative sliding speed, such as the high surface temperature, heavy load, damp, etc. However, when it is usually used under the allowable continuous slip power, the service life of the magnetic powder brake clutch can achieve about 5000 to 8000 hours when the torque is reduced at the rated current. If used at rated torque, since the magnetic powder brake and the magnetic powder clutch can be continuously sliding used, the service life can be extended. In addition, even if at the same slip power, when the sliding speed and the relative rotation speed continue to be in a high state, the lifetime of the magnetic powder is shortened, so it is recommended to set a smaller relative speed. Generally, relative to the allowable continuous slip power, if it can be used under relatively good conditions, it is also possible to lengthen the service life of the magnetic powder.


The magnetic powder brake is a multi-purpose and high-performance automatic control element, which adopts magnetic powder as working media, controlled through an exciting current to achieve the purpose of controlling braking or transmitting torque, widely applied for tension control of the unwinding and winding, dynamometer loading and braking of the transmission machinery.