A Guide To Know Web Guiding System

Multiple layers of materials must be neatly bonded together in the production of coil materials, or else waste or jams will occur. The web guiding system is capable of multi-layer material alignment, zero waste in the refueling process, and no jams. The web guide is a programmable correction controller that tracks the material’s edge or printing lines for high-accuracy swing.

Working Principle of Web Guiding System

A closed-loop controller is used by the web guiding system. First, the sensor detects the coil’s edge or line, and the system automatically reads the deviation between the coil’s actual and setting positions and converts the offset into an electrical signal. The signal is then sent to the controller. The signal is then calibrated by the controller and sent to the linear driver. The linear driver drives the deviation correction according to the magnitude of the signal. Then the guide mechanism adjusts the coil to the set position. The drive signal of the current drive is only proportional to the deviation of the coil, which makes it possible to provide precise control for various coils.

web guiding system

Applications of Web Guiding System

The web guide system is used in a variety of industries, including packaging, printing, labels, building materials, paper pulp, non-woven fabrics, and corrugated paper processing.

Applications of web guiding system

Characteristics of Web Guiding System

1. Brushless servo motor, no maintenance required

2. Accurate ball screw

3. The guide roller’s length and span can be adjusted.

4. The most difficult-to-detect material can also be easily controlled.

5. The tracking speed can be adjusted arbitrarily without affecting the belt shaft’s size.

6. The semi-fast voltage and electric current feedback function can automatically restore and protect the internal circuit system, with good stability and quick action response.

Arise web guiding system

High-performance Arise Web Guiding System

Arise is a leading web guiding system manufacturer in China with an audited R&D team. Using Arise’s high-precision web guiding equipment, you can ensure continuous and accurate edge position control of multi-layer non-woven fabric in various production processes while keeping the machine running at full speed.