How The Web Guiding System Can Be Used To Measure Chemical Reaction Rate

The web guiding system industry is growing rapidly in recent years, which is to benefit from the wide applications and high performance. Most of the advantages have been excavated by web guiding system manufacturers and now customers want to measure the speed of chemical reaction rate through web guide system, how to achieve the idea?

Firstly, we briefly introduce what is the web guiding system and learn its working principle.

What Is The Web Guiding System

The web guiding system refers to the technical operation adopted to always keep the sides of the coil neat and consistent, during the process of flame plating, printing, die-cutting, lamination, slitting, or other coil winding processes. Its wide application brings great benefits to the coil industry. Web guide control realizes automatic control in the various processing industries of steel, corrugated paper, textile, printing, labeling, plastic film, building materials, tire, non-woven fabric, etc.

A typical automatic web guide system includes a web guide controller, a web guide sensor, a web guiding frame, a motor.

web guiding system

The Work Principle Of All-in-one Web Guiding System

The automatic web guiding system adopts an ultrasonic sensor to detect the edge position of the web, and the measured position error signal is sent to the controller. After the control unit is determined, it is determined. The drive motor guides the deviation position of the web to the correct position after judgment and processing by the control unit. Three detection methods are available, including the guiding of edge, line and center.

Its drive system adopts low-speed synchronization, variable frequency adjusting speed, step, servo motor drive, driving the stroke and the amount of coil offset into strict proportion.

Different probes, including infrared, photoelectric, ultrasonic, are used to suit the need to detect different coiled materials. Microcomputer digital controller provides precise control for all kinds of functions.

working principle of web guiding system

How Does The Web Guiding System Measure Chemical Reaction Rate

The chemical reaction rate is taken to consider the speed of chemical changes. In daily life, we often desire to manipulate the reaction rate. For the rust of the steel, the body’s embarrassment, expect its speed to slow down. For the manufacturing of chemical raw materials, we expect its speed to be moderate. For the dissolution of waste plastic, we expect to accelerate its chemical reaction rate. It is very important to measure the chemical reaction rate. The basic principles of the web guiding system are actually not complicated. According to the unique semiconductor material processing process, an “outer cover” which is a fast-moving color filter added to the top of the wen guide system, With the color filter, the chemical reaction rate can be accurately measured.

When the controller works, the color filter is moving at a very fast rate on the sharp surface. From the perspective of individual clarity, the light source likes a kaleidoscope according to the color filter and there are three tones, which is a very short period of time, the individual clarity can each collect three security channel information. Subsequently, the information contents of the three secure channels are generated at the output end and a photo with detailed chromatographic analysis information can be obtained.

web guiding system


The web guiding system has a long service life, fast web guiding speed, ultrasonic sensor, fast response and high web guiding accuracy. Now adopting the web guide system, the precise measurement for the chemical reaction rate can be realized.