Why Web Guide And Tension Control System Can Save Huge Cost In The Corrugated Paper Production Line

To ensure that the web tension of the whole corrugated paper production line can meet the requirements of the maximum speed, realize the fast alignment and fitting of the base paper, and minimize the trimming, the carton factory is paying more and more attention to the purchase of the wen guide and tension control system. If the corrugated paper production line can be well controlled by the web guide system, it can greatly reduce material waste and save production costs.

web guide and tension control system

Why Use Web Guide And Tension Control System When Building Corrugated Paper Production Line

In recent years, the corrugated box packaging industry has changed significantly. The equipment speed of the production line is becoming faster and faster. In the past, the speed of 100m/min and 150m/min has been called high speed. But now, the speed of 200m/min and 300m/min have been realized

How to save energy more intelligently and produce high-quality products at the same time is the biggest challenge faced by carton factories, especially those with corrugated paper production line. Many practical application examples in the paperboard factory have confirmed that the web guide control system can play a significant role in reducing the waste paper volume, improving the production speed, and improving the quality of the finished paperboard products in the paperboard factory. It means uniform tension, accurate fit, small trimming and higher speed.

The paperboard factory is equipped with a web guiding control system when the new production line is installed to ensure the improvement of the machine efficiency. The application of the corrugated paperboard web guide and tension control system has brought benefits to many paperboard factories. More and more factories regard the web guide and tension control equipment as the necessary equipment for production line construction.

corrugated paper production line

Configuring The Whole Line Web Guide And Tension Control System To Bring Huge Cost Savings

Many factories pay more attention to the production loss of defective products but pay less attention to the trimming loss. They think it is inevitable that it is not produced by workers. However, the trimming loss can be greatly reduced through the configuration of the whole line web guide and tension control system.

The web guide and tension control system is to control the real-time monitoring and automatic alignment or centering operation of the single-sided machine, double-sided machine and slitter, so as to reduce the loss caused by the amount of uneven edges and trimming.

Web Guide Control of Single-sided Machine

Monitor the position of the core paper entering the single-sided machine in real-time, controlling the position of the base paper balancer or move the base paper holder in real time. Adjust the consistency between the inner paper and the core paper, and reduce the uneven edge loss.

Web Guide Control of Double-sided Machine

Real-time monitoring of the position of the paper into the double-sided machine, real-time adjust the web guide controller to keep the movement of the pit paperboard consistent with the paper.

Web Guide Control of Slitter

Monitor the position of the paperboard entering the slitter in real time, controlling the mobile slitter to keep consistent with the paperboard in real time.

After configuring the whole line web guide and web tension control system, the loss of edge-leveling is only 1/3 of the manual operation control

Manually control the adjusted edge trimming amount, that is, the length required for paperboard edge trimming is 10-15m. The edge-leveling quantity of the whole line web guide control, that is, the length required for paperboard edge-leveling, is 3-5m.

web guiding system

Professional Web Guide And Tension Control System Manufacturer – Arise

Arise is one of the leading manufacturers of web guide and tension control system. It can provide comprehensive solutions to the web guide problems from the processing of textile, paper, corrugated cardboard, plastic film, rubber, tire, metal film and non-woven fabric and other materials. Arise has accumulated rich experience and knowledge in the production process of corrugated cardboard, from standard basic equipment of web guide and tension control to the new generation of automatic detection and intelligent production line quality control management system, which has brought great help to the corrugated paperboard factories and help them save huge production costs.