N200 Web Guide Controller

  • Arise N200 web guide controller has a CPU adopting 32-bit dual-core (FPGA+ARM), working frequency up to 168MHz and digital display
  • The motor drive adopts FPGA to drive the motor (no need for external capacitor resistance commutation and no need to replace carbon brushes)
  • The shortest reactive time is 0.1ms
  • The universal sensor interface can connect single/dual photoelectric eyes and ultrasonic sensors.
  • Using the metal shell, there is strong anti-interference.
  • Maintenance-free, high reliability, high safety performance without sparks when commutation.
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Why Choose N200 Web Guiding Controller

The N200 type is a specifically designed web guiding controller for tracking the edge of materials. It is ideal for automatically controlling material rewinding, unwinding, intermediate guidance, and more. The N200 utilizes ultrasonic or photoelectric sensors to detect signals, calculate material deviation, and drive the stepper motor accordingly to correct the offset. With calculation-free control, it supports analog quantity control of tension and open-loop calculation taper tension mode.

Dimensional Parameters of N200 Web Guiding Controller

Operating voltage Rated value 24V  DC
Rates range ±1%
Electricity  consumption 3-4A
Ambient temperature 0-40℃((non-condensing)
Dimension Housing  142x112x68mm
Hole size 122x105mm
Electric eye interface Edge electric eye 2xM6 electric eye
Linear electric eye  1xM6 electric eye
Actuator  interface Data exchange φ16
Protection  grade IP54
Weight 0.64kg

specificarions of N200 web guide controller

Application Videos of N200 Web Guide Controller

N200 (web guide with taper tension control)on non woven bag making machine