What Are The Commonly Used Accessories Of Mask Machine

The demand for the mask has a rapid growth in recent years, especially after the outbreak of the epidemic and the mask machine becomes important for satisfying the growing need for the mask.

The commonly used accessories of mask machines include magnetic powder brake, air shaft, servo all-in-one web guide system, servo web tension control system, safety chuck, etc.

magnetic powder brake

Magnetic powder brake

The magnetic powder brake is a novel transmission element, adopting powder as the medium, magnetic particle chain formed to transmit torque when energized, which is mainly composed of inner rotor, outer rotor, magnetic coil and magnetic powder. When the coil is not powered, the active rotor rotates. Due to the centrifugal force, the magnetic powder is smashed on the inner wall of the active rotor, and there is no contact between the magnetic powder and the driven rotor. After the DC power is turned on, the electromagnetic field is generated, and the working medium magnetic powder forms a magnetic powder chain with the magnetic line action, which connects the inner rotor and the outer rotor, thereby achieving the purpose of transmitting and brake torque.

magnetic powder brake details

Air shaft

The air shaft is based on the principle of air compression. The outer diameter of the shaft is changed and the roll core is privileged, facilitates the transmission of the material on the production line. It is not necessary to unload the whole shaft for unloading materials of the air shaft and the materials can be taken away after direct venting. Since its width is not large, the natural operation is also more convenient. The air shaft is selected for the machine with a lightweight and small width.

air shaft

All-in-one web guide system

The servo all-in-one web guide system is working, when the web guide sensor transmits the infrared light, ultrasonic, particle beam, or monochromatic light-detecting the web, sending the signal to another sensor. After the sensor finds the web offset, according to the commands set in advance, the controller makes the web guide steering structure swaying and correct the web edge position. The automatic web guide system adopts a photoelectric sensor, ultrasonic sensor, or CCD sensor to detect the edge of the web, and the measured portion deviation signal will be sent into the sensor, and the motor is controlled by the manipulation module.

all-in-one web guide machine

Web Tension control system

The servo web tension control system is mainly used for automatic folding mask machine. According to the loop tension control, a servo tension control system is divided into open loop and closed loop. Open-loop tension control system is composed of a tension sensor, a tension controller and a tension indicator, with no tension value feedback. Closed-loop tension control system is composed of a tension sensor, a tension controller, a magnetic powder brake, a magnetic powder clutch, which has a tension value feedback, according to the feedback tension value, adjusting the control, making the result in a right state. The closed loop control system is more stable. Nowadays, the automatic tension control system is generally adopted, and the generated additional tension will change reversely with the change of unwinding tension, compensating the tension to keep the tension constant.

tension controller for mask machine


The article mainly introduces the working principle of the mask machine accessories. Through learning the accessories of the mask machine, can help them better be used on the mask machine.