Why Web Guiding Machine Can Be Used For Improving The Efficiency Of Coil Materials

Deviation of coil materials may occur during the uncoiling, technological processing, winding, and other processes due to deviation of the coil itself or the processing machine. The web guiding machine offers a solution for reducing the occurrence of such incidents. It constantly monitors the position of the coil material during production and makes real-time corrections. It can ensure and improve product quality and efficiency.

Why The Web Guiding Machine Important

Flexo printing machines frequently use an automatic web guide machine to ensure that the printing material enters the printing unit in a stable horizontal position. It can detect and correct a 0.5 mm deviation in a specific horizontal edge position of the printing material in real-time. Photoelectric sensors are commonly used for opaque materials such as paper and aluminum foil, while ultrasonic sensors are used for transparent materials such as films. Once the printing material enters the printing and die-cutting rewinding areas, the installation accuracy of the own processing machine and the parallelism between the rollers ensure the stability of its horizontal edge position.

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How Does The Web Guiding Machine Work

The web guiding machine controls the position deviation of the thin material during the conveying process with a constant-speed motor. If the material’s winding speed needs to be changed, the correction speed cannot be changed, which easily leads to the phenomenon that curling cannot be corrected. In addition, the microcomputer photoelectric deviation correction web guiding system can meet the needs of customers.

A computer-controlled photoelectric correction controller, color discrimination tracking photoelectric, ball screw, and synchronous motor are all part of the web guide system. The computer-controlled photoelectric correction system’s MCU control has a frequency conversion output that can adjust the motor speed based on the needs. In terms of production, the structure is simple, easy to use, convenient, and practical.
1. When winding, track the edge of the substrate and correct any unevenness.

2. Keep the coating material equidistant from the substrate’s edge by tracking it.

3. The correction speed can be adjusted to keep in balance with the roll speeds of different materials.

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Technical Parameters of The Web Guiding Machine

1. Support three operational methods such as line tracking, edge tracking, centering tracking, and so on.

2. Photoelectric sensor, ultrasonic sensor, and CCD sensor support

3. Automatic detection of sensor parameters; in most cases, there is no need to calibrate the sensor.

4. Automatic stroke measurement in the absence of a mechanical limit switch

5. Extremely fast response time of 500 microseconds (0.5 milliseconds)

The ball screw is driven by a DC servo motor.

7. Save 10 groups of different material parameters for easy and quick material switching.

8. Three-language menu operation in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and English

9. Humanized operation, quick and easy

10. PLC/human-machine interface networking control support

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Web Guiding Machine Expert – Arise

Arise is a Chinese web guide machine manufacturer, and Arise web guiding can ensure continuous, precise control of various coil materials in various production processes. With the high-performance automatic Arise web guide control system, it is possible to ensure that the material does not deviate from the correct position while minimizing waste and downtime.