What Is Web Tension Control System

With the industry’s rapid development, the web tension control system has gradually become an essential product in every production line. It can replace the traditional floating roller tension control method with precise electronic control, as well as the old mechanical control method.

The Working Principles Of The Web Tension Control System

The tension of each unit is controlled at the unwinding portion of each unit, and the analog signal is fed back to the control unit, such as a PLC, via the tension amplifier, in order to precisely control the tension of the material and meet the requirements of the production line for the production process.

T1000 web tension controller

Composition Of Web Tension Control System

The web tension control system can be used to create tension signal amplifiers, tension display meters, and tension controllers, among other things. Standard flange and housing mounting are two installation methods.

Web Tension Detector

It is used to detect the tension of coil material in real-time. It is built with a metal foil strain gauge and a wheatstone full bridge design. It has high detection precision, good linearity, high repeatability, little hysteresis, and a high overload coefficient.

Web Tension Controller

Web tension controller adopts the PID calculation output to various types of actuators including AC and DC motors, pneumatic brakes / clutches, magnetic powder brake clutches for tension control, the tension detection signal, the floating roller signal, the winding diameter position signal, and other signals.

web tension controller

Why Choose Arise WebTension Control System

Controlling web tension system has numerous applications in various industries. The precision of coil tension control is becoming increasingly precise as automation advances. Arise achieves true constant tension control through a precise detection and control system. In the field of tension control,  has rich experience in tension control, and has a full range of tension control products. Its excellent web tension controller, web tension detector, web tension display, web tension signal amplifier, etc. provide customers with perfect solutions.

Many tension control problems on coating machines, printing machines, slitting machines, compound machines, and other models are solved by the Arise tension control system. These issues primarily affect material unwinding, feeding traction, and discharging. The four tensions refer to the four tensions that occur during the traction and winding process: unwinding tension, feed traction tension, discharge tension, and winding tension. All four tensions are fed into variable frequency motors, magnetic powder brakes, servo motors, and so on. To better meet customer needs, the Arise tension control system can also perform high-speed non-stop roll change and new roll pre-drive functions.


The Arise web tension control system has been widely used in a variety of industries, allowing for automatic stable tension control in both low and high-speed processes.