Quick Tips To Know Web Guide System

Web guide control system refers to the timely correction operation of the offset coiled material when processing the coiled material. The occurrence of web guide control plays an important role in the production of coil materials.

web guide system

What Conditions Web Guide System Used For

The web guide system is usually used under the following conditions:

(1) Users need to adjust the sensor position frequently and it is difficult to approach the sensor, such as in the use of a large coating machine.

(2) The material width is constantly changing, such as in the application of plastic film extruder machine. The web guiding system needs to be installed at a higher position or a position that is difficult for workers to operate. Automatic width adjustment can be achieved by installing an automatic web guide rail.

applications of web guide system

Solutions To The Failure Of Web Guide System

1. The electric eye does not track, that is, the film is uneven and irregular.


The sensitivity of the electric eye is reduced, or the lens is blocked by dust. Please clean the electric eye or replace it.

The system sensitivity is not enough. Under normal circumstances, the film should shake at the electric eye, and then adjust the sensitivity adjustment knob on the web guide controller to make it in the best state.

2. The web guide system can’t track some colors.

Generally, LED colors of blue, white, and red have partial color images and do not know the true color. That is, blue light is the worst for blue recognition and yellow light is more difficult for white recognition. At this time, please press and hold the SET key for three seconds to let the photoelectric eye automatically adjust the light source or adjust the sensitivity knob of the controller to increase the sensitivity.

3. The actuator of the web guide controller goes to one side and can’t return.


This phenomenon is generally caused by damage of the power tube of the web guide controller. Manually check whether the web guide actuator only moves to one side. If the actuator only moves to one side manually, replace the high-power tube. If it can walk on both sides manually, but only walk on one side after the electric eye is connected, the electric eye is broken or the positive/negative direction of the controller is incorrect. Replace the electric eye or adjust the controller.

web guide actuator

4. The web guide controller does not work.

If the power supply is not connected, check whether the 2A/5A fuse tube is broken or has poor contact.

S600 Web Guiding Controller

5. The balance can’t be adjusted.

Adjust the balance potentiometer for multiple turns. If the direction is wrong, it will never be adjusted to balance. Or the potentiometers on both sides are broken.

Why Choose Web Guide System Manufactured By Arise

The automatic web guide system manufactured by Arise adopts a DC stepping motor, which brings advantages in accuracy and speed. Compared with similar products on the market, the automatic guide rail web guide system of Arise has faster response, higher accuracy, more concise and beautiful appearance, and the sensor accuracy can reach 0.01mm, achieving accurate web guiding.

The Arise web guide controller integrates the logic control unit and the motor drive unit into an independent and very compact control box, with LCD color display to ensure a convenient and user-friendly interface.

all-in-one web guiding system

Features of Arise Web Guide System

1. High accuracy

2. High speed: position detection response time within 10ms

3. No additional maintenance required

4. Combined ball screw

5. The driving action is very agile and precise

6. Low noise

7.Fast response